Barbara Brown(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing your superb photos Marc. I find them inspirational.
Ian Hardy.(non-registered)
Great Blog and photos Marc,

I am just starting to watch and photograph Dragonflies & Damselflies more now that I am retired.
Ian Preston(non-registered)
A Truly magnificent photographic archive Marc every shot a stunning detailed image. a pleasure to view thanks for sharing your experiences with us.
Shaun Theobald(non-registered)
I've seen your photos before, Marc, and really enjoyed them. I've started to re-kindle my interest in dragonflies this Summer, and found my way to your website again. Your photography has reached a new standard of excellence now! Really fantastic images that are a delight to view. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your great photography, and so much helpful information.
Howard Statham(non-registered)
Superb Photos!
jon mee(non-registered)
Just had the pleasure of looking at your recent images Marc.
Steve Harley(non-registered)
I am really getting into dragonfly photography this year. Each time I think I am getting better I look at Marc’s images and realise I have got an awful lot of catching up to do! Outstanding photography.
Gary Stewart(non-registered)
Excellent images Marc
Ann Pardy(non-registered)
I have really enjoyed looking at your photographs and plan to visit your site again and read your blog. So appreciate the time and effort you have put into this.
Millie Baldwin(non-registered)
I've seen your photographs they look lovely.
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