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DJB DORSET DAYS(non-registered)
Marc, just checked out you website which is outstanding and very informative.Your dragonfly and damselfly photography is of an amazing standard especially considering the difficult nature of the subject matter. Congratulations.
I just came across your website and I think it's amazing! Thanks for sharing your work with the world. We built a wildlife pond last year and are already seeing dragonflies and damselflies emerging this Spring. Your photos are priceless for helping us identify the species living in our garden in Kent.
Andrew Lapworth(non-registered)
Brilliant photos Marc and really inspirational; thank you for sharing your images and knowledge
Victoria Field(non-registered)
Dear Mark
Stunning website - we bumped into you today at Stodmarsh.
Congratulations on your remarkable work.
Victoria and Eduard
Very Interesting Site, I too have been taking photos of Dragonflies though generally as an extra to normal activities, though have started to make that more the focus of days out and your site is great for the Information on the local Kent sites to visit. will have to try and visit the ones I have not seen.

Many Thanks
Eric Anderson(non-registered)
Still fascinated by your photography. Hoping you are doing a 2018 calendar. The details nothing short of amazing. Still a fan in the United States.
Jon Mee(non-registered)
Outstanding photography Marc throughout.
Sharon York(non-registered)
Amazing, throughly enjoyed your gorgeous photos
Poppy Heath.(non-registered)
Absolutely outstanding work! Great job keep up the great work!
Brian Davis(non-registered)
Your dragonfly and damselfly photos are outstanding, pin-sharp and extremely well detailed. I am slightly in awe. A real inspiration for me to work harder with my own. Great, just great.
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