Zenfolio | A Photographic Guide to the Dragonflies and Damselflies of Kent | About
I have had an interest in birds and wildlife for about 30 years now, spending time as a child watching and learning about the local garden birds and wildlife in Sturry, near Canterbury where I was brought up. As my interest grew I started to visit Grove Ferry and Stodmarsh which has since become one of my local patches which I have regularly continued to return to for about 14 years.

I have been fortunate to find a number of scarce and rare birds in Kent and in this time have spent some considerable time birding at Reculver on the North Kent coast. I can often be found at weekends walking along the seawall and inland checking the area for the excellent range of species this site can offer.

As well as learning about the particular species seen at various sites I visit I soon realised that just seeing the birds was not enough and started to digiscope using my Leica telescope and Nikon Coolpix 7600 digital camera. I was quite pleased with some of the results but capturing birds in flight was somewhat a challenge! With so many birds to see and photograph I took the plunge and purchased a Canon camera and lens and this has slowly progressed over the past few years to my current equipment, a Canon 50d SLR with a Canon f4 300 mm lens and Canon 1.4 converter. With advise from many a photographer and many hours spent in the field practising I have slowly improved and have had a number of photos and articles published in ‘Birdwatch’ and ‘Birding World’ magazine as well as local birds reports.

The last 4 years has seen me develop a growing interest in dragonflies and damselflies and with the addition of a Sigma 150mm macro lens, I have managed a number of pleasing shots as I have wandered Kent and out of the county to photograph these stunning winged wonders. The website is very much work in progress and photos will be added throughout the season as I pursue better shots of each species I encounter. I hope to also add key sites in Kent that are good for observing dragonflies and photos of dragonflies and damselflies I have seen on my trips out of the county.

I hope you enjoy looking through the galleries which will be regularly added too and would greatly appreciate signing my guestbook. Many thank for taking the time to look.

Marc Heath