39.Sharon York(non-registered)
Amazing, throughly enjoyed your gorgeous photos
38.Poppy Heath.(non-registered)
Absolutely outstanding work! Great job keep up the great work!
37.Brian Davis(non-registered)
Your dragonfly and damselfly photos are outstanding, pin-sharp and extremely well detailed. I am slightly in awe. A real inspiration for me to work harder with my own. Great, just great.
Good luck. Very cool site
35.Eric Anderson(non-registered)
Glad I found your website. I purchased one of your calendars. I look forward to learning more about dragonflies from you in the future. You have great skill with photography. Thank you for your effort. A friend in the United States.
34.Jon Mee(non-registered)
Hi Mark
I have been following your recent encounters with Willow Emeralds with great interest.
3/4 years ago I found the first Willow Emeralds on the River Yare, Cringleford Norwich, a site only 5mins from my office, but 30 miles from home. I had a wonderful time with them over a three year period before retiring. I thought you may be interested in looking at some pics that I had taken of a mass ovipositing event on one particular day. 'Willow Emerald Albums in my photostream'. Never managed to find any exuvia for my collection or indeed emerging stages, most visits were during my lunch hour.
Love Your work! Really amazing photography!
28.Roger Newton(non-registered)
Your DEWY pics are something special - your diligence really paid off ! Roger. Kent.
Wow! Mark, these photos make me go all tingly! They are truly awesome creatures, aren't they?
26.Nevil Hutchinson(non-registered)
Extraordinary work. Extraordinary blog.
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